arriving to school like


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ARTPOP rose more than 270 positions on iTunes today. Not only Jesus Christ was resurrected on this holiday.



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I found out today in school that nobody in my class knows who Liza Minnelli is…

or Julie Andrews…

or Judy Garland…

And somebody thought that Barbra Streisand was an african american rapper…

Safe to say my faith in the future generation has diminished :(


I was reading this article and I got extremely excited because i mean do i really need to explain. but then I scrolled the bottom and saw this and now I officially hate this day

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Thank You for everything!!


Everyone please Reblog. We need all little monsters going to Roseland to keep an eye out. Perez is going too far again. Disguising himself to get inside and stalk Gaga is taking it way too far. Please reblog and let the monsters who are going know. Just in case he were to slip by security


there u go everyone

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me walking into class:

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